Tel Aviv Municipal Elections 2024

The Vote On February 27th Tel Aviv residents will vote in Municipal elections. The last election demonstrates a large increase in voter turnout, with “over 200,000 people” voting in 2018 compared to 2013 “in which about 140,000 people voted.” Citizens will be electing a mayor to run the council via a yellow ballot and 31 council members to manage the affairs of the city via a blue ballot. Mayoral Candidates There are two main frontrunners for the mayoral candidacy, Ron Huldai and Orna Barbivai. Polling taken in June of 2023 put Huldai and Barbivai at 29% and 23% respectively, demonstrating the potential for a close race. Yuval Zellner, a former paratrooper, and long serving member of the Knesset, is also in the running. He is affiliated with Kadima, a more progressive branch-off from the LIkud party. Kadima literally translates as “forward” and Zellner is said to be appealing to the younger demographics within Tel Aviv.  Huldai has been mayor of Tel Aviv since 1998 bringing years of experience to the contested office. Coming from a decorated career in the IDF, he achieved the rank of Brigadier General serving within the Air Force, and is known to have shot down three enemy aircraft in the Six Day War. Huldai is supported by the Labor party but runs as an independent candidate under the party name Tel…

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