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Volunteers at Golan Heights Feed Soldiers.

Leket Israel, J17 and More Volunteer opportunities in Tel Aviv

Volunteer Opportunities in Tel Aviv In Tel Aviv, there are numerous opportunities to volunteer and make a real difference. Whether you're a traveller or a resident, giving back in Tel Aviv offers a rewarding experience. So here are 5 meaningful ways volunteers can make a difference here!"   Leket Israel Leket Israel stands at the forefront as the preeminent food rescue organization in Israel, dedicated to addressing food insecurity by rescuing surplus, healthy food and distributing it to those in need through various non-profit partners. At, you can delve into their impactful initiatives aimed at alleviating hunger and fostering community support.     Israel Support Bridge Israel Support Bridge emerged on October 7th, propelled by a group of dedicated people committed to aiding Israel and other organizations in procuring essential equipment and supplies for the war effort. Through their platform at, you can learn more about their vital contributions and how you can join their mission.   J17 J17 exemplifies compassion and action by providing support in various forms, particularly amidst challenging security situations. Today, this restaurant functions as a hub for preparing nutritious vegan meals, catering to soldiers, security personnel, medical teams, evacuees, and those in need across the nation. Explore their impactful work at Visit Eran’s Angels Eran’s Angels operates out of the Expo Center, a sprawling facility dedicated to…

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Chabad on the Coast and More Tel Aviv Synagogues

Looking for a synagogue in Tel Aviv? We’ve got you covered! Whether you’re just visiting, making Aliyah , or a native Israeli, we’ve compiled a list of 11 synagogues where you can expect a warm welcome and an inclusive community. These synagogues cater to the most devout to those still discovering their religious identity.    The Tel Aviv International Synagogue The Tel Aviv International Synagogue (TAIS) is a modern orthodox synagogue. One of the defining features of TAIS is its commitment to inclusivity and diversity - and as a result, TAIS has become a spiritual home for Jews from more than 30 countries around the world! Chabad on the Coast Chabad on the Coast is the first English-speaking Chabad House in central Tel Aviv. Led by Rabbi Eli and his wife Sara, the center offers Shabbat and holiday services with meals, Torah classes, children's programs, social events and more.   The Great Synagogue First built in the 1920s and then renovated in the 1970s, the Great Synagogue boasts stunning architecture characterized by its grand dome, elegant arches, and beautiful stained glass windows. Throughout the years, it has served as a place of prayer, celebration, and communal gathering.   The North Central Synagogue The North Central Synagogue is a religious Zionist synagogue that was founded in 1936. It has a welcoming vibe that caters for local…

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