Tattoo Places That Deliver The Best Tattoos

Tattoo Places That Deliver The Best Tattoos

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Hey there! Welcome to Tel Aviv, where creativity flows freely and self-expression knows no bounds. As you stroll through the city’s diverse streets, you might find yourself drawn to the idea of getting inked at one of Tel Aviv’s top tattoo shops. Kerem House, your friendly guide to community building and integration, is here to help you navigate the best studios in town. Whether you’re new to Israel or a local looking for fresh ink, these spots offer top-notch craftsmanship and a chill vibe for all.

1. John Boy Tattoo

Situated right in the heart of Tel Aviv, John Boy is known for its skilled artists and dedication to quality. From traditional to neo-traditional and blackwork styles, John Boy is all about creating meaningful art that last a lifetime. With a laid-back approach and a focus on making clients happy.

Internal view of John Boy Tattoo Parlour - bright room, white walls and ornate ceiling, plush blue sofa

2. Ink Donkey

Ink Donkey is where creativity runs wild in Tel Aviv’s tattoo scene. With a crew of talented artists pushing boundaries, Ink Donkey offers everything from delicate fine line work to bold, vibrant designs. Embracing individuality and self-expression, this spot is all about making you feel at home.View inside of Ink Donkey. Funky interior with green colouring and art hanging from the walls

3. Psycho Tattoo

Psycho Tattoo is your go-to spot for timeless tattoo artistry in Tel Aviv. With a focus on traditional techniques and classic designs, Psycho offers a mix of old-school charm and modern flair. Whether you’re into bold traditional pieces or intricate Japanese-inspired work, the artists here put their heart and soul into every new Inking.

Psycho Tattoo Parlour logo

4. Kipod Tattoo

Nestled in Tel Aviv’s bustling streets, Kipod Studio is all about creativity and collaboration. Specializing in custom designs tailored just for you, Kipod ensures your tattoo is a true reflection of your personality. Whether it’s a small, symbolic piece or a full-sleeve masterpiece, the artists at Kipod are here to make your dreams come true.

Black and white artistic photo of Kipod Tattoo Studio viewed from the street

5. Dynamo

Dynamo is your one-stop destination for vibrant artistry in Tel Aviv. With a team of talented artists and a passion for creativity, Dynamo offers a diverse range of styles and designs to suit your individual taste. From bold and colorful to intricate and detailed, Dynamo brings your vision to life with precision and skill.

Dynamo Tattoo logo

Discover More with Kerem House

As you dive into the Tel Aviv Ink scene, remember that Kerem House has your back every step of the way. Join us for cool events and experiences celebrating art, culture, and community. From live music gigs to art exhibitions and cultural workshops, Kerem House has something awesome for everyone.

Ready to explore the best tattoo shops in Tel Aviv and bring your ideas to life? Dive into Tel Aviv’s laid-back tattoo culture. Whether it’s your first Inking or your next big piece, these top shops promise an experience you’ll remember for years to come