About Kerem House

Kerem House is a community led Jewish cultural space located in central Tel Aviv. Led by three partners and a robust steering committee, Kerem House provides the space, support and networks for activities that help young Tel Avivians make things happen. Since its establishment on June 12th, 2019, Kerem House has fed and hosted over 10,000 Olim, Israelis and visitors at over 900 + events such as Shabbat dinners, holiday meals and a variety of communal events.


The Kerem House mission is to be a home for the community of Olim and Israelis who have made homes in Israel. With a main base in Tel Aviv, Kerem House works to help lower barriers of entry around event creation, to be a home for communal and Jewish activity in Tel Aviv, to weave networks, to support what is new and creative, and to maximize successes.

Our programming and events engage participants through arts, culture, and Jewish experiences. Our meals have a pluralistic Jewish personality that reflects the diverse Jewish backgrounds of Kerem House leadership and the lives of our community.

Kerem House supports potluck meals, classes, and meetups that further strengthen the desire for traditional Jewish culture as well as showing the relevance of Jewish values to daily life in Israel.


Kerem House 1 in the namesake Kerem Hatemanim district launched Kerem House until Corona 2020 suspended operations and Kerem House relocated to Kerem House 2 on Hayarkon Street. Until the Corona pause, Kerem House had hosted 226 events, or 0.81 events a day, in the Kerem House space.

Since then Kerem House has run in two more houses, at Hayarkon 70 and Allenby 17.

People of Kerem

Kerem House is run by Olim and native Israelis who know Tel Aviv’s magic and its challenges and care deeply about this city and infuse Jewish experiences in the lives of young Tel Avivians.

Most community members live locally and attend multiple events throughout the year. Along the way, and with Kerem House leaders’ support and encouragement, community members learn skills to independently organize events at the Kerem House and in the wider community.

What's Next?

Kerem House plans long term communal growth by making our area a better place. We do this by being active, being consistent and being a place to have a good time and make good friends. 

The Kerem House plan for the next year is to host a multitide Jewish activities, events, meals and Shabbatons along with independently organized member-led events and activities which are a key element of Kerem House programming.